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Thank You for Supporting Today’s Webinar Launch: ‘Procrastination: Facing a Thief Head-On’

Thank You for Supporting Today’s Webinar Launch: ‘Procrastination: Facing a Thief Head-On’

Sending a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to Kimyon & Jonathan for an incredible webcast today. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of such knowledgeable and dynamic professionals. Bea and I also want to thank everyone who came out and showed their support for today’s LIVE webinar launch. This broadcast has been in the works for several weeks now and to see such support really makes the entire process that much more rewarding. Thank you again and keep your eye out for even more incredible result oriented sessions to be announced soon.

Please remember that sharing your experience and knowledge touches the lives & businesses of others in ways beyond what we can even imagine. Sharing your expertise is also a GREAT way for you to gain exposure for your business while positioning you as an expert within your field. The WOW hosted telecourse sessions, webinar broadcasts and in-person workshops are the type of events we want to partner up with each of our WOW Network members to present. Kiimyon is a shining example of the power held in being part of our unique organization. This is mainly because she takes full advantage of EVERYTHING her WOW Network membership has to offer. What about you? 2012 is here, so decide when we can schedule YOUR LIVE world broadcast & let’s get the ball rolling! The WOW Network Team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether it’s help in overcoming some fears, identifying your talents in order to present or even just helping you focus on a workable concept; Bea and I are both fully committed to your success. You are NOT in this alone. Simply send a note so we can set up a time to discuss the possibilities!

Wishing you the best in health, wealth and success ~De

Note: There is still time to register and receive the recording for the‘Procrastination: Facing a Thief Head-On Webinar’

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De Harris, WOW Network President/Founder
De Harris brings over 17 years of expertise as a manager, business owner, and personal & business development coach and is passionately dedicated to keeping the web/tech challenged expert in the know by offering solid networking connections and support through educational opportunities with experts from around the world.

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