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The contributors of this blog are seasoned entrepreneurs, network marketers & corporate professionals joining together to share their knowledge & experience. Topics range from money, career advice & personal development.

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Comfort and Connections Series Part 4: Managing Your Portfolio | W\O/W Webinar (20 Sep 2012)

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Comfort and Connections Series Part 4: Managing Your Portfolio | W\O/W Webinar (20 Sep 2012)

Roni Greiff Nelson is the Director of Operations and Senior Portfolio Manager who specializes in designing and managing customized investment portfolios for clients.

Bonnie Gortler, is Senior Portfolio Manager and a frequent guest editor of Systems & Forecasts investment newsletter and holds an MBA in Finance.

** Both Roni and Bonnie manage multi-million dollar client portfolios, and have each been with Signalert Asset Management for more than 30 years.


The webinar has been especially developed for those looking to gain a greater understanding of their finances, investments and the stock market so as to make better long term financial decisions.

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Introducing The Networking University w/ Jonathan Senior – Aug 14,2012

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Unleash the Message

Mr. Media host Bob Andelman goes one-on-one with the hottest, most influential minds from the worlds of film, TV, music, comedy, journalism and literature. That means A-listers like Kirk Douglas, Christian Slater, Kathy Ireland, Rick Fox, Chris Hansen and Jackie Collins.

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Introducing The Networking University w/ Jonathan Senior – Aug 14,2012
WOW Radio Presents… The Women of WOW! | Blog Talk Radio Feed
Welcome to the WOW Radio Broadcast! Listen to women who are touching lives while living their passion! We talk, laugh, cry & inform with shows dedicated to making your personal & professional life better!

Introducing WOW’s Executive Program Director, Sarah-Jane Bennett

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Introducing WOW’s Executive Program Director, Sarah-Jane Bennett

Introducing WOW’s Executive Program Director, Sarah-Jane Bennett

Meet Sarah-Jane Bennett, WOW’s NEW Executive Program Director

We’re happy to announce Sarah-Jane Bennett of All Events Perfect, LLC as WOW’s Executive Program Director and newest member to the WOW leadership team!

This is truly exciting since Sarah-Jane has years of experience creating lasting memories through her premier wedding and event planning firm, All Events Perfect, LLC.  She has acquired a long list of happy clients and is known for her attention to detail, strong work ethic and her ability to bring sanity to stressful situations.  Sarah-Jane has a flawless reputation and has been featured on Lifetime, WE TV,and Oxygen as well as various print media outlets.

As part of the WOW Network Leadership Team, Sarah Jane will oversee our ongoing list of professional and personal development workshops while also forming the direction of our upcoming Grow from the Core weekend. Her expertise will fully support the vision set forth by the WOW Network as an educational resource for women entrepreneurs and corporate professionals through engagement.

Sarah-Jane is equally excited to be an integral part of the team and has expressed her gratitude for her affiliation with WOW and what it will provide women professionals all over the world. We’re happy too and send a huge ‘Welcome’ to Sarah-Jane. It’s an honor to have her on the team!  Click HERE to read more about Sarah-Jane.

 ~ Sarah-Jane Bennett

Visit the All Events Perfect website

Pluggio Review by Jonathan Senior, WOW Virtual Training Director

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Pluggio Review by Jonathan Senior, WOW Virtual Training Director

Pluggio is a web based twitter management tool,with a few twists. Maybe it has struggled to compete with the massive higher profile tools like Hootsuite but having spoken to Pluggio creator Justin Vincent a couple of times I am not sure this is his goal.

So what is Pluggio
Pluggio is first of all web based. This means there is no software to download, no incompatibilities, no “an error has occurred” error messages. Having software on the “wrong” machine” is a thing of the past.

Once you are signed up, just link your twitter account,and away you go!

The Pluggio workflow isn’t totally intuitive, although it does have a certain amount of logic to it. There are a stack of “start” tutorial videos to get you going.

Pluggio helps you to be ‘the signal not the noise’ and whereas most twitter software helps you get more followers

(Pluggio does this if you want it to by the way) Pluggio helps you get more followers by using a two pronged attack – specifically

a. By finding interesting people
b. Tweeting cool stuff

Pluggio review

Lets take each in turn.

Finding interesting people.
You can find people who are tweeting certain words and phrases, hashtags and specific locations. You can turn this feature on or off. Once ‘found’, people are not alerted in any way. They are saved (not is a twitter list – Justin assures me that this is coming soon). At the moment, I have around 100 people who Pluggio thinks I might want to talk to.

Tweeting cool stuff
With this cool feature you can add an RSS feed, any RSS feed!, and post from it to your twitter stream.

Thinking about it – you can any RSS feed posts and comments from; a blog, from a forum, anything. The logic here is that if you can’t be the source, be the Resource.

One final feature is that you can add tweets to a ‘rolling schedule’- In essence this means you can add tweets to a heap which will then be tweeted at random intervals.

You can add anything onto this queue and give the illusion that you are sat at your desk, when in fact you are nowhere near it!

There are several feature which I don’t use so can’t pass comment on and these include bulk upload of a spreadsheet of tweets, (Of course Pluggio gives you the spreadsheet template to download) and I tend not to upload photos to twitter so I can’t comment on this.

All in all, if you want something that is reliable, funky and where the top man answers emails personally, look no further than Pluggio.

(Oh and if you want to read some more about my twitter thinking, check this out>>

Jonathan Senior

WOW Network Virtual Training Director 

Get a Super NINJA LinkedIn profile.

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Mo Reilley shares why it is so important to save our children

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Mo Reilley shares why it is so important to save our children

The awesome Mo Reilley, Multi-Media personality and Host of “Heart of Atlanta” for Cox Radio will be with us enjoying fun & fundraising duringCupcakes & Cocktails in support of Living Water for Girls. Below Mo shares exactly why this cause is so dear to her heart…

“I became a volunteer and mentor with Living Water for Girls shortly after being introduced to President and Founder, Lisa Williams, as a guest for Heart of Atlanta. Having been part of the Body & Sold Project the previous year, which is a stage play and reading based on interviews with victims of Commercial Exploitation of Children, I’d said I wanted to stay involved with the mission to abolish this modern day slavery. Having the opportunity to be reconnected through Miss Lisa and one of the beautiful girls from LWG came at a time when I truly felt called upon and able to do more. Once you hear the personal stories, the heart wrenching statistics, and are forced to recognize that the selling and victimization of our children is happening right here in our own backyard; it’s very difficult to go back to what once was a ‘normal’ life without doing anything to help save these children.” – Mo Reilley

Mo Reilley is a Multi-Media Personality with vast experience in radio and social media platforms.  She is currently host of “Heart of Atlanta” for Cox Radio, Atlanta. Prior to receiving certification in TV & Radio Broadcasting, Mo pursued a degree in Secondary Education. She is heavily involved in various non-profit organizations; youth and community outreach initiatives. With an impressive resume showing success as an Account Executive (KonLive – Akon), Publicist (International recording artist – Jason Caesar), and Content Strategist (Aiko Importers – Tree of Life Wine & OGXO French Brandy); Mo has built a credible reputation as being knowledgeable in her various areas of expertise and as someone who keeps her finger on the pulse of new media and marketing concepts.

Twitter: @MoReilley


Final Call Reminder from Jonathan Senior, WOW Network Virtual Training Director

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Final Call Reminder from Jonathan Senior, WOW Network Virtual Training Director

We hope you had a relaxing Easter break and are raring to go again…

Just a quick reminder that we are still on the hunt for webinar guest suggestions.

We have had some VERY interesting suggestions and we have got some REALLY bit hitters lined up in the next few weeks.

If you haven’t “voted” yet – then you need to. After all – We want to showcase who you want to see…

Please jump over and jot down the name of the ONE PERSON who would make you turn up to a live webinar.

Here is the link > http://

Oh and by the way – we will be revealing the first few guests in the next few days…



Sharp End Training is WOW’s Exclusive Professional Training & Advanced Education Partner

Introducing a simply HOT new way for you to build your business in 2012

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During the last few months the WOW Network has been asking for your help and attendance at the various events and training sessions we’ve been hosting.

Now let us share why.

If you are a virtual worker, freelancer or small business owner, you probably use networking to market your business.
But let us ask you a question – WHO teaches YOU how to network? Where do you learn the networking skills that lead to paying clients?

From the gurus?

Usually – But they are selling their own brand of networking – so it’s like learning how to swim – BUT ONLY LEARNING ONE STROKE… Pretty restricting…

Now, for the very first time we can unveil, the “Networking University – A self contained password protected training/learning site where you can learn ONLINE, AT YOUR OWN PACE – ALL the skills you need to get more business.

The site has already been loaded up with over 4 hours of training, webinar replays and more ~ JUST to help YOU get more business!

If you are a complete newbie, there is material for you. If you are a more established business – going to events and wondering when the sales will come – there is material for you also.

We will be unveiling a series of webinars and interactive sessions in 2012 featuring leaders from around the world. Leaders who have the experience and the know how to help you get results. For now, membership is LOCKED at a monthly rate of $17. (This will be rising to $47 as our plans are firmed up in 2012).
NOW – then simply log in – get focused (while the rest of the world is in holiday celebration mode) and GET READY for the 2012 you really want and need. The 2012 that leads to growth and prosperity within your business.
Here is the link to get started ~

If you are needing assistance in accessing or utilizing these truly valuable resources to the max just let us know. We’re always here to help. Enjoy!~WOW Network Team

Announcing WOW’s Newest Joint Venture Partner, Maisha McGee-Childs

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Announcing WOW’s Newest Joint Venture Partner, Maisha McGee-Childs

 We are so proud, honored and excited to have Maisha McGee-Childs join us as not only our newest WOW member but also to serve alongside us as a Joint Venture Partner within our growing network. This union will strengthen WOW’s continuing effort to uplift, empower and educate women everywhere!

In addition to being a philanthropist and brand developer, Maisha is a seasoned Real Estate Broker and Insurance Specialist. She is also the author of The Soulful Slimdown, as well as an electrifying motivational speaker. When you meet Maisha you will be struck most by her down to earth and giving spirit. She is definitely one to know. So take a moment to read her full story  HERE

Also check out the latest WOW News Digest

WOW Workshop: One Word Intention Setting Workshop w/Susan Brown of Impact Coaching

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WOW Workshop: One Word Intention Setting Workshop w/Susan Brown of Impact Coaching

Do you have your 2012 game plan to keep you laser-focused on what really matters to you?

Have you identified the “plays”  (your beliefs, strategies) that hindered your success last year?


In just 2.5 hours you’ll:

1) tap into the power of ONE WORD that will bring you great success in 2012 AND

2) you’ll get rid of at least one thing that is slowing you down or as I like to say, keeps you playing small.

The two groups of people who have already done this workshop are ON FIRE!  They are sharing daily emails and updates testifying to how this newfound focus, clarity and enthusiasm are reaping positive results!

Join us for this empowering workshop on

Sunday, February 26th

from 1:00-3:30 pm

Roswell, GA 30075

You will be provided full address within your confirmation email.


Space is limited to the first 20 participants.

Here is your chance to lay the groundwork for great things to happen in 2012.  The power of intention coupled with action will change your life!

Instructor: Susan Brown,


Thank You for Supporting Today’s Webinar Launch: ‘Procrastination: Facing a Thief Head-On’

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Thank You for Supporting Today’s Webinar Launch: ‘Procrastination: Facing a Thief Head-On’

Sending a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to Kimyon & Jonathan for an incredible webcast today. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of such knowledgeable and dynamic professionals. Bea and I also want to thank everyone who came out and showed their support for today’s LIVE webinar launch. This broadcast has been in the works for several weeks now and to see such support really makes the entire process that much more rewarding. Thank you again and keep your eye out for even more incredible result oriented sessions to be announced soon.

Please remember that sharing your experience and knowledge touches the lives & businesses of others in ways beyond what we can even imagine. Sharing your expertise is also a GREAT way for you to gain exposure for your business while positioning you as an expert within your field. The WOW hosted telecourse sessions, webinar broadcasts and in-person workshops are the type of events we want to partner up with each of our WOW Network members to present. Kiimyon is a shining example of the power held in being part of our unique organization. This is mainly because she takes full advantage of EVERYTHING her WOW Network membership has to offer. What about you? 2012 is here, so decide when we can schedule YOUR LIVE world broadcast & let’s get the ball rolling! The WOW Network Team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether it’s help in overcoming some fears, identifying your talents in order to present or even just helping you focus on a workable concept; Bea and I are both fully committed to your success. You are NOT in this alone. Simply send a note so we can set up a time to discuss the possibilities!

Wishing you the best in health, wealth and success ~De

Note: There is still time to register and receive the recording for the‘Procrastination: Facing a Thief Head-On Webinar’

Do so now at

De Harris, WOW Network President/Founder
De Harris brings over 17 years of expertise as a manager, business owner, and personal & business development coach and is passionately dedicated to keeping the web/tech challenged expert in the know by offering solid networking connections and support through educational opportunities with experts from around the world.