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Building Your Empire Together

Another Perspective about Our Desires by Kimyon Zari, The Diamond Coach

“When we don’t know the value of what’s given to us, we fail to develop the sensitivity to recognize its worth.”

 ~Dr. Noah Manyika

How would you respond to the question: “What do you want?” When I recently ran across that question, I found myself unable to answer it in a way that really expresses what I feel. At first, I thought about a bigger house, a Mercedes Benz, a million dollars, or a trip around the world. Having these material blessings are indeed cool, but deep down inside, I recognized that although marketers relentlessly entice us with these external stocking stuffers, none of them ever fully satisfies any void in our lives.

A better question may be “What NEEDS TO BE DONE?” Think about how that question applies in your life. Each of us has at least one thing that only we are best suited to do.

What hidden part in your life is just waiting for you to discover? Have you chosen not to confront it because it is outside your comfort zone?

With so much depth to whom we are and why we do what we do, facing answers to so many complex questions might seem to overwhelm us. Considering these dimensions, might our constant curiosity actually be harmful?

Maybe God does not want to overwhelm us with an answer to every imaginable question. Perhaps the Spirit prefers instead an ongoing personal relationship where the word can give us moment-by-moment guidance for an orderly and productive life.

Author Mark Batterson says: “Trials have a way of helping us rediscover our purpose in life.” By cutting, shaping, molding, sanding, and polishing us, God creates profound desires in us that overshadow any enticed taste for possessions or status. The Spirit’s tough love instead calls us into courageous action.

God has placed within us a power to change the world under his guidance as we gather information, formulate questions, and discover the answers along the way. We can walk fearlessly under God’s Master plan.

>Let us expand on the critical question: “WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE to change our perspective and open our heart?” Answering this question puts us on a road to recovery in valuing our material blessings.

As we think about the many areas of our lives that cry out for attention, material things are usually not at the top of the list. Our incredible life lessons instead reveal to us how we can serve one another, and not merely show off.

God’s love refocuses our thinking from how to WOW! I am on the path of LIFE! Now I see what I am supposed to do. I see how I must serve.

Father, develop our character. Teach us to be patient. Help us to be loyal and honest.
Show us the way.

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