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Create An Uplifting Day Today by Bonnie Gortler

Create An Uplifting Day Today by Bonnie Gortler

Summer seems to always be a time of fun and enjoyment. If you enjoy summer like I do then you too may want to keep the summer feeling inside of you every day of the year. You can do this by simply committing to start each day with calm positive thoughts. These calming thoughts create a peaceful balance in your mind, body and spirit. You can also achieve this type of calming balance by reminding yourself of the challenges you’ve faced and your ability to work through them. Life can be difficult every now and then. Sometimes we get overloaded with what is wrong. The secret is to focus on what is right. I know when I feel strongest when I remember to do these things and over time this practice has allowed me to enjoy and experience life to the fullest. Especially when my family is together laughing, having fun and are communicating in a loving way while enjoying each others company. 

The ability to change your mood and create an uplifting day, today and every, puts you in the drivers seat of your life. You are no longer a puppet or a victim of your circumstances. Your mind is very powerful and changing your mood or attitude requires that you align your thoughts and control your emotions.  I do this by using my imagination as a bridge between what I’m experiencing and my desire. What I picture is my most happiest experiences or what I would enjoy experiencing in the future. One of my favorite scenarios is to picture myself on a beautiful sunny day lying on a lounge chair and listening to calming music while reading a good personal growth book or articles on sports and health & wellness.  I’ve also pictured myself laughing as I’m with friends face to face or engaging via Twitter or Facebook. You can do this too by just remembering your good times and using those to change your attitude. This doesn’t mean you deny what is going on. What you are doing is shifting your thoughts so you can handle what is before you with ease and the least amount of stress as possible.

In addition to visualization I find that exercise works wonders. I usually use my bike or some weights to work out and find that any stress or anxiety I was feeling simply vanishes. Probably one of my most favorite full routines is taking it to the next level with some anger free boxing. Exercise is really a great way to clear your mind and help you focus on solutions. In addition to keeping you focused on the positive, exercise has many long term health benefits too. When you combine regular activity with a balanced diet you will find that your moods will stay constant which can tremendously help in your ability to create an uplifting day.

You cannot control what challenges may come your way. Each of the above activities have helped me to make each and every day wonderful. They have also allowed me to stay true to myself because I’m driving my own mood and attitude, not my mood and attitude driving me.

Here are some other tips that may help too…

  • Enlist the help of your coach – Having a coaching call can be inspiring. Every time I do this, I learn something challenging in a positive loving tone. Even if I am still uncomfortable with the task or homework by the time I am done; I believe that I can, I am empowered and full of gratitude. 
  • Add a massage to your weekly routine. Make sure that you have soothing music, aromatherapy oils and a candle lit in the background. Each of these elements help  engage all of your senses. A weekly massage has helped me to calm down enough that I can now let my body go and clear my thoughts. Knowing that I have a well deserved massage waiting in the wings has helped reduce my stress and has helped develop my my mind enough so I can periodically through the day mentally leave the stock market world and enter a realm where my clients, family and the world is smiling and making money through investing. 
  • Do a good deed. Time and time again I have found that making another person’s day helps create an uplifting day that reaps long term benefits. It is a can’t miss approach to happiness. You will find that you are suddenly filled with joy and that the favor is usually returned. 

What about you? What strategy will you implement so you can create an uplifting day today? Like I say on Twitter ‘Kindness is a rare gift of the heart: Believe in yourself, for you are important and you matter!’ Each day is a true gift. Stop letting days slip away and learn now how to truly be comfortable in your own skin. As you become happier each day, you will inspire others to smile and believe in themselves too. Act now and make yourself smile. Do whatever it takes to enjoy an uplifting day. Remember… you are worthy!  

Bonnie Gortler (@optiongirl) is a successful stock market guru who is passionate about teaching others about social media, weight loss and wealth. Over her 30-year corporate career, she has been instrumental in managing multi-million dollar client portfolios within a top rated investment firm. Bonnie is a uniquely multi-talented woman who believes that honesty, loyalty and perseverance are the keys to success. You will constantly find her displaying these beliefs due to her winning spirit and ‘You Can Do It’ attitude. Bonnie is a huge sports fan that has successfully lost over 70 pounds by applying the many lessons learned through her ongoing commitment toward personal growth and development while continually encouraging others to reach their goals & dreams. It is within her latest book project, Journey to Wealth, where Bonnie has made it her mission to help everyone learn the steps needed to gain sustainable wealth and personal prosperity. Look for Journey to Wealth later in 2013!

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