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Building Your Empire Together


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the WOW Network work? We provide information and education opportunities, which help women networking to grow their careers, master  new skills for their business or chosen profession. Each week we offer webinars/telecourses in support of helping women professionals gain the resources needed to advance their careers and grow their business. Our members are able to also have a partner promoting their events through our online calendar, newsletter, WOW Radio and social media platforms.

What does this mean for my business? Tremendous gains are in store, whether you’re an entrepreneur, faithful hobbyist or corporate professional!  We help enterprising women harness the power with our WOW Network by creating a community, where members will benefit from interacting with other like-minded women in networking opportunities.

~ Let’s Start Building YOUR Empire… Together!  

One of the chief characteristics that separate us from the rest is that we constantly promote our members’ news and events though WOW’s updates, through social media and in person at our face-to-face networking events. 

This is done so our WOW members gain even more exposure for their  cause, profession or personal passion. We believe that by working together, we can make a difference in empowering women to reach for their dreams!

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