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Integrating Email Marketing and Social Media by Jennifer Dixon

Integrating Email Marketing and Social Media by Jennifer Dixon

Email marketing much like social media is a cost effective way to reach out to your current audience, it’s also an opportunity to reach your prospective clients and customers. Email marketing combined with social media is not only a convenient marketing strategy; it’s also a powerfully effective one

Using an email newsletter (also known as an ezine) as a marketing tool will give your readers an opportunity to experience you through your own “voice”. You can show how your products or services help your clients solve problems. You can also share personal experiences to better relate to your audience by showing the person behind the business.

Email Marketing Tips:

1 – Schedule time to work on your e-newsletter on a regular basis, ideally you should publish your e-newsletter on a weekly basis but if you’re just starting out or haven’t gotten started yet, then you can begin with a monthly or biweekly newsletter, the point here is to just get started.

2 – Repackage and re-purpose your e-newsletter article. Your weekly article can be submitted to article distribution sites like ezinearticles, added to your website or used in part to create an info product, see my previous post for more tips on re-purposing your content.

3 – Add social sharing to your e-newsletter, this makes it easy for your readers to pass your content on to other readers.

4 – Promote your social presence in email by including links to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, your e-newsletter could increase your followers, friends and connections.

5 – Attract new e-newsletter subscribers through your social media by offering them something of value like a discount or early access to information for the email opt-ins that come through your social media channels.

Constantly being in front of your prospects increases the likelihood that your business will be the one they think of when they’re ready to make a purchase. If you don’t have ezine or e-newsletter now is the time to consider starting one, it’s great investment for your business and should be incorporated into your marketing plan if it isn’t already.

For more info on getting your own email marketing campaign started check me out at The Virtual Workspace!

Jennifer Dixon of The Virtual Workspace
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