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Make Every Day Your New Year by De Harris, WOW Founder

Make Every Day Your New Year by De Harris, WOW Founder

I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.  ~Henry Moore

WOW! We’re just a few days into 2014 and already you can sense the energy & anticipation in the air. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been asked about my resolutions for the new year. My answer is, as it has been for many years now… NONE!  Not to say that my life is as it should be but I can say it’s pretty darn close. 😉 Long ago, like Henry Moore, I too decided to make everyday my New Year!

Don’t get me wrong, I have specific goals and objectives outlined for the new year. Tasks that I would like incorporate for the coming year. I must, however share a shift in thought that occurred several years ago when I noticed those around me would get caught up in the season focusing on ‘events and occasions’ instead of living their daily life at a standard that embodied the very ideals, character, and values that the holiday season was meant to represent. Ideals such as… good will, charity, kindness, reverence, etc. It was as if because of the holiday you suddenly were given permission to slow down and become nicer to one another under the guise of the season. I often wondered if the world thought the end of the year was the only time to make this type of behavior a priority. I should hope not! It is sad is to see it done each year in full rerun mode. Now what if these same individuals would ‘give’ themselves that same ‘permission’ everyday? Not just when the end of the year comes but each and every day. You can’t help but IMAGINE (as John Lennon stated so well) how much of a better place this world would be if everyone would approach each day as a new beginning and engage in kindness like they do so easily during the holiday season. What if everyone would commit to act upon a daily resolution of kindness, charity and goodwill? What if each of us revamped our  current resolutions for the New Year and made them into LIFE resolutions instead?

mynewyearsresolutionIt is well documented that almost one-third of people who create New Year resolutions break them before the end of January and more than 75% will do so within 3 months. With such numbers it is well worth contemplating daily resolutions that encompass a value based and integrity centered approach to life as opposed to just focusing on these values once a year. When you make the decision to incorporate daily  so you suddenly wake up each day with a clear understanding that you are to achieve the only the best from yourself for just today. As you approach your daily activities the pressure soon lifts and freedom is achieved while you work toward meeting your long-term goals. There is a big difference between having a shopping list of a year-long of ‘to do’s’ versus having clear goals broken into bits & pieces that you can strive to attain on a daily basis. Smaller goals turn into to the larger goals making each day count as your new beginning. In turn you will enjoy life more because you have honored yourself as a person who lives life as opposed to a person who simply does what’s on the ‘to do’ list. The reason why so many people fail in attaining their resolutions, goals and aspirations is because the concept of internal change is just too big.

Take note and remember that the mountains which may have inspired you to create resolutions will disappear once you focus on what being your best YOU means in your daily life. The world just works better when you embrace living a value based and integrity centered existence  Little actions add up over time, so remember to enjoy each day to the fullest because held within each moment are grand opportunities for you to become better than you were yesterday! Join me in making only daily resolutions and watch the transformation.

To your continued health, wealth & success.  ~ De HarrisWOW Network President/Founder

Here is another quote that is my wish for you…

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions. ~Joey Adams.

wow_keep calm 2014

 De Harris

WOW Network Founder/President
Email: [email protected]

De Harris is an Alliance Business Professional with over 18 years of expertise as a manager, business owner, and personal & business development coach. She is passionately dedicated to keeping the web challenged expert in the know by offering solid networking connections and support through educational opportunities from experts located around the world. Make sure Follow De and download your FREE GIFT HERE!


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