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Networking University

Networking University
During the last few months the WOW Network has been asking for your help and attendance at the various events and training sessions we’ve been hosting.

Now let us share why.

If you are a virtual worker, freelancer or small business owner, you probably use networking to market your business.

But let us ask you a question – WHO teaches YOU how to network? Where do you learn the networking skills that lead to paying clients?

From the gurus?

Usually – But they are selling their own brand of networking – so it’s like learning how to swim – BUT ONLY LEARNING ONE STROKE… Pretty restricting…

Now, for the very first time we can unveil, the “Networking University” – A self contained password protected training/learning site where you can learn ONLINE, AT YOUR OWN PACE – ALL the skills you need to get more business.

The site has already been loaded up with over 4 hours of training, webinar replays and more ~ JUST to help YOU get more business!

If you are a complete newbie, there is material for you. If you are a more established business – going to events and wondering when the sales will come – there is material for you also.

We will be unveiling a series of webinars and interactive sessions in 2012 featuring leaders from around the world. Leaders who have the experience and the know how to help you get results. For now, membership is LOCKED at a monthly rate of $17. (This will be rising to $47 as our plans are firmed up in 2012).
So, our advice for you is to lock in your spot NOW – then simply log in – get focused (while the rest of the world is in holiday celebration mode) and GET READY for the 2012 you really want and need. The 2012 that leads to growth and prosperity within your business.

Here is the link to get started ~
If you are needing assistance in accessing or utilizing these truly valuable resources to the max just let us know. We’re always here to help. Enjoy!~WOW Network Team

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