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Savings in Your Wallet $$$ | Morning Inspirational Diamonds

Savings in Your Wallet $$$ | Morning Inspirational Diamonds


Tune in as Kimyon Zari, @TheDiamondCoach discusses…

Savings in Your Wallet $$$


Money Monday’s Investment Tip:

wow_kimyon_zariThere is a wide range of choices to investing. When choosing your investments, you want to weigh your desire for potentially higher investment returns against your willingness to accept higher market risks. Long-term investors have time on their side to ride out market declines and can afford to take more risks. This is not true for investors who need to use their money in the short-term.

Over time, be sure to adjust your investments to suit your current situation and make sure that your investment objectives fit your strategy remembering all investments even ones that are considered safe have risks of their own. ~Bonnie Gortler ——

Money Myth: Your Money is Safest in the Bank.



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