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Self Help: To Transform Your Life Begin With One Foot In The Door by Gena Livings

Self Help: To Transform Your Life Begin With One Foot In The Door by Gena Livings

Breaking a negative habit or starting a positive one happens in two stages: First, making the desired change; second, maintaining the change. Patterns tend to reassert themselves unless you can maintain the new pattern long enough for it to become familiar and a direct part of you.

The key to change is keeping it simple: A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing. You are more likely to do and continue doing, what is convenient and simple.If you don’t exercise every day but would like to start, then get up tomorrow morning and remember to do one jumping jack; then the next morning do another jumping jack; and then the next morning and then the next. That one jumping jack every day is a profound step in the right direction, because it gets your foot in the door–you are forming the habit of dedicating a portion of your day, no matter how small, to exercise. The following month you may decide to trade in your daily jumping jack for a brisk walk around the block or two minutes of free-form movement and deep breathing. To Transform your life, begin simply, begin each day by being “Thankful”, its a small little foot in the door. ~Gena, Personal Health & Fitness Coach

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