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To Become Whole Is To Become Healthy by Gena Livings

To Become Whole Is To Become Healthy by Gena Livings

The greatest work that each of us can undertake each day is our own inner work and self development. We need to begin the process of truly knowing ourselves deeply. We need to detect our largest values and then define how we wish to conduct our life.

Inner discovery is a lifelong journey and our work here on Earth and it is never done till our last breath. Always be true to yourself.

Who we are as a people and the way we show up in life says it all. Let’s strive to become self leaders by accepting all the lessons that this life school is presenting to us. All these lessons are here to evolve us into our authentic and best self. When we act in ways that aren’t congruent with who we truly are then we’re out of integrity. When we live our best lives, our true lives, our authentic lives, we become all of our radiant and shining brilliance. To become whole is to become healthy. ~Gena

~Gena Livings
Lifestyle Modification and Spiritual Fitness Coaching
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“Be content with all that IS and all that IS NOT 
– this is the path to happiness.”
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